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Our elite academic service team delivers a comprehensive solution that covers academic coaching, standardized-test prep, and college and grad school admissions consulting. We believe every student is capable of finding success in the classroom and beyond and are committed to guiding students every step along the way.

Together, our team has:

  •   Helped students balance varsity athletics and NCAA Division 1 recruiting with schoolwork​

  •   Helped students raise baseline SAT scores by over 350 points and ACT scores by over 10 points  

  •  Helped students achieve high distinctions, such as National Hispanic Scholar Recognition, National Merit (Semi)Finalist, and AP Scholar

  •   Helped move students off academic probation

  •   Helped middle school students place into elite high schools of their choice

  •   Helped students turn course grades around from Fs to As

  • Helped students earn acceptances at top universities, both undergraduate and graduate, including Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, Cornell, Rice, UC Los Angeles/Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Duke, USC, WashU, and more.

  • Helped students manage and excel under the most rigorous and demanding courseloads offered by their high schools, encompassing a full range of AP classes

  • Helped students earn thousands of dollars in scholarship money to top public and private universities around the country


"Our mission is to deliver a total academic solution for our students, one that encompasses the full spectrum of classwork, test prep, and school admissions. We have extensive experience working with students from all backgrounds, including gifted learners, varsity athletes, and students with learning disabilities. We build academic excellence from the ground up – first mapping out individualized academic plans for each student and then providing coaching based on mutually agreed-upon strategy. Please feel free to request a tutor to see how one of our staff members can meet your needs.

Our deep expertise in the academic landscape allows us to fluidly adapt to varying student goals. Our students have earned acceptances to community colleges, flagship state schools, top-20 universities, Ivy League universities, and top graduate programs. Our students have collectively earned hundreds of thousands of dollars of scholarships with our assistance. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our services."

I look forward to hearing from you.


Srivathsan Iyengar

Founder & Owner, S.R.I. Academic Services

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