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Sri believes in his students and holds them to high standards which challenges them in their academics. He is extremely knowledgeable about all subjects, teaches in a very understandable way, and is very patient with the students and flexible and accommodating with their schedules. Sri has honest concern for his students' performances.

 Lisa Taylor, Memorial High School Parent

Sri has been amazing. He is able to determine the students weakness and strengthen them, helping them accomplish their fullest potential. He is great with the kids. Start asap, the more time they have to prepare, the better.

 Angie Antillon, Memorial High School Parent

Sri is truly incredible. He was able to create a personal and individualized test preparation review course catered specifically to my son's needs. Sri's methodology was extremely thorough, and he helped my son obtain the test scores that he needed to be admitted to our University of choice. Sri was able to be flexible around a rigorous baseball training schedule. We had the benefit of working both in groups and on on individual one on one basis. Sri is an exceptional mentor and friend. I highly recommend Sri and all of his academic services. He is a tremendous asset!


 Robin Rosenberg, Episcopal High School Parent

Both of our boys have gone to Sri for ACT and SAT test prep. There is no doubt that Sri's program and rigor led to very good results for our sons. While there is no shortcut to hard work and self-study, Sri provides a framework and discipline to the process that is required for success. Also, his office is uniquely designed for both work and play, which the kids appreciate and leads to productive sessions. Is it cheap? No. Is it worth every penny? Absolutely.

 Mark Rome, Kinkaid School Parent

Sri has done an amazing job. He has worked with six of our kids from preparing for private school entrance exams to skyping for college course work to help maintain GPA's. Sri is very professional but knows how to relate to kids of all ages. He makes the learning fun and comprehensible. We consider our family lucky for having a "SRI" in our lives

 Lori Edwards-Rodriguez, Memorial High School Parent

If we had to count on one hand the people who have had the biggest impact on our family of 8 over the past 10 years, Sri would be one of those fingers. How can that be possible through the role of a tutor?


It’s because Sri’s reach goes way beyond that of a tutor. As a spiritually grounded humanitarian, Sri is driven to exercise all his knowledge and all his skills to have the most positive impact possible in a student’s life. When we first met Sri, our goal was for him to help our boys improve their grades by teaching them the material. Our experience has been far more reaching: Sri has mentored our boys and has instilled in our boys a passion for learning and the self-discipline to achieve their potential.


Through his relentless efforts, extraordinary patience, and “tough love” approach, Sri provided valuable mentorship which empowered our six (6) boys to raise their sights, establish reach goals, and work hard to achieve them.


Yes, because of Sri, our boys made good grades in school-high school, top-tier colleges, and graduate school. But even more importantly, they are better young men.


Thank you Sri for making such a difference in our lives!

 Robert Duncan, Kinkaid School Parent

I can't say enough good things about Sri! He worked with my son for ACT prep and really made a difference in Kyle's score and confidence! At the end of my sons senior year he was failing college algebra/ trig, I called Sri in a last ditch effort, at the last minute, and he came through for us! He worked with Kyle until 1:30 in the morning to get his work completed! I can honestly say Sri is the reason Kyle graduated on time! Sri is not only a great tutor and mentor, he has become a great friend for our family.

 Ginger Lynch, Memorial High School Parent

Sri is a great resource for test prep and tutoring. He motivates his students and provides great resources and advice.

 Second Baptist School Parent

Sri has helped our son tremendously and is a great tutor, counselor, and advisor. We started going to Sri because our son needed help in Precalculus. At the start of the semester our son had a C, but with Sri’s help at the end he got an A. Since then Sri has helped in AP test preparation, standardized test prep, like ACT and PSAT, and summer learning. Going to Sri gives us confidence that we are taking the proper steps for college applications and success in college. Sri has made sure that we remain informed of college visits and important dates and deadlines. Also Sri helped our son get great internships and unique programs to participate in during the summer. Sri has helped our son reach his full potential and give him the opportunity to reach for the stars.

 Ruchi Passi, Debakey High School Parent

Sri's intelligence, compassion and determination to see my son succeed was more than I had ever experienced with another tutor. He nudged my son when needed, and truly gave him the skills and belief in himself to achieve marvelous results! He truly cares about the kids, and goes above and beyond to help them reach their goals!

 Raquel Segal, Kinkaid School Parent

I've not worked with an educator who is more knowledgeable and passionate about his work and his students than Sri. He will push your child to do more and be more, so be ready for that acceleration! He also teaches more subjects than you could list. Sri does not need sleep: he works around the clock to accommodate any request for a lesson, day or night! I appreciate his drive and dedication, and teaching style and effectiveness. I would highly recommend him as a Master Coach/Tutor.

 HSPVA Parent

Sri is truly the "Wizard" when it comes to tutoring!!!! He is an expert in numerous subjects and employs tutors who broaden the scope of the services that he provides. He has tutored my children in Honors Chemistry, Honors Biology, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, Honors Pre-Calculus. AP Calculus, Honors Physics, AP Physics, AP US History and prepped them for the PSAT, SAT and SAT Subject tests in the sciences, math and history. If you are looking for a tutor who can cover all academic bases, then you have found the right person. We can't say enough good things about Sri!!! He is kind and patient and great with kids!! He has become a part of our family.

 Kinkaid School Parent

Sri helped my son multiple times during his college applications with very good results.100% recommended!!!

 Soraya Goode, St. John XXIII High School Parent

Sri tutored my son over the course of several years in advanced chemistry, physics, algebra, and calculus. He also worked with him on PSAT, SAT and ACT preparation. Sri does a great job of figuring out how a particular child learns and gears his time with the student addressing his/her particular needs. He also worked with my older child on GRE preparation. Highly recommend!

 Kinkaid School Parent

I have two daughters and Sri tutored both of them in different ways/styles and with different goals in mind. For my oldest daughter, the lessons were serious, but always involved food, and were usually at odd hours. He helped her improve her score significantly on the ACT and helped us determine the ACT was the better test for her….. very important! My second daughter needed to raise her score 1 point to be a serious contender for an ivy league school she had fallen in love with. And “they” did it. That one extra coveted point was achieved. But then a new problem. She was frozen with anxiety about her college essays. Sri came over one night with his favorite movie and we had a family movie night. His goal was for my daughter to see how the main character overcame his paralyzing anxiety and went on to achieve what they were destined to do. My daughter, miraculously, did the same. Not too much later she received the acceptance letter for which she had been hoping. I guess, as I look back over the 7 years I’ve known Sri, my fondness comes from knowing how invested he was in doing everything he could to help my two girls achieve their hearts' desires. There is a lot of psychology to that, as well as smarts, and not to mention teaching skills. Sri is a master at all three, and I personally got to witness this twice!

 Kinkaid High School Parent

We learned about Sri from another parent who had used his tutoring services before and after the first meeting with Sri, we realized that we were on the right track. Sri is extremely professional and created a plan that was individualized to my son’s needs. Even with a time crunch, Sri delivered. He is a wonderful tutor, mentor, and motivator and I would highly recommend his services.

 Dulles Math and Science Academy ParentParent

Sri worked with my son to prepare for the ACT in hopes of raising his score. My son had done other test prep but had made the same score two times. With Sri's help, he was able to raise his score significantly. And, he enjoyed working with Sri and their sessions were not a chore. Sri was great at figuring out how my son learned and tailoring his tutoring to best suit him. We could not have been more pleased and highly recommend Sri!

 Amy Greenwood, Kinkaid School Parent

We had a great experience with the ACT and SAT subject test preparation, first defining very high aspirations and then delivering all the potential of my son. All this in a very short, but intense period of time. I fully recommend S.R.I. Academic Services to anyone preparing standard tests.

 Ignacio Madridejos, The British School Parent

My teenage daughter and I have used S.R.I. Academic Services for several years for graduate work as well as for high school preparation. Sri and his tutors are professional, friendly, and helpful. They motivate and explain concepts in a way that leaves you wanting to learn more. Coursework is reviewed and explained until completely mastered by the student. All without pain! Compared to other tutoring companies, Sri and his tutors take a personalized approach that will motivate and inspire you and/or your student. Many thanks to Sri and his team for continued help, guidance, and service.

 Natasha Pieper, Episcopal High School Parent

My two oldest children worked with Sri all through high school. He did SAT/ACT with my daughter who did very well on the test and is now at Vanderbilt University. He was a great tutor and a great mentor. He made himself available to my daughter even if it meant he didn’t get to my house until midnight, and he always came through for her. Both my kids think Sri is the greatest and we’re lucky to have had his as their tutor.

 Kinkaid Parent

Sri was my daughter's tutor starting in the 6th grade when she needed help with Latin grammar, and continued tutoring her through her first year of college. Through the years he proved himself as a true renaissance man as he was able to assist her to excel in Latin, Ancient Greek, Chemistry, Physics and Calculus. He also made himself available for SAT prep, AP test prep and college admissions advice. The first year of college, he was available in person and via Skype for Chemistry and Calculus during the difficult transition period. Sri is impressive as a teacher and inspiring as a human being.

 St. John's School Parent 

If you are considering Sri as a tutor you are on the right track. He has been an incredibly important person in helping our sons successfully navigate through high school math, pre cal, calculus and physics. He is genuinely interested in his students and is willing to spend the time and effort in guaranteeing success. I have no hesitation in recommending Sri. He is a great teacher who is interested in his students. You will not be disappointed.

 Memorial High School Parent

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