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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What differentiates your company from others?

A. Our tutors have attended some of the top schools around the country. Together, we bring tens of thousands (literally) hours of tutoring experience to our students. We’ve been working with several private and public school students around the Houston (and surrounding) area for the past 15 years and know the landscape of academics extremely well. As a small company, we specialize in individualized student attention and smaller class sizes. We are willing to meet with students at any hour of the day or night. Our staff members have (literally) worked every minute of every hour of every day of the year! If you are travelling or away at college, we schedule Skype sessions too.

Q. How are sessions scheduled?

A. Please contact us to get started with an initial consultation regarding your student’s needs and goals. While the owner (Sri) handles scheduling to start with, as tutors and students develop relationships over time, tutors pick up the responsibility for scheduling sessions with parents and students directly. Sri continues to provide oversight to the scheduling process as needed.

Q. Where are sessions held?

A. Sessions are usually held at our office location in the Memorial/Galleria area (7670 Woodway Suite 260 Houston, Texas 77063). We are within walking distance of Kinkaid High School and Second Baptist and a few miles from Memorial High School. One of our number one priorities is convenience and accessibility--hence our central office location. However, we also accommodate in-home visits and virtual Skype sessions, especially when students are not local and/or traveling for vacation, athletics recruiting, sports tournaments, etc.

Q. How do you match tutors with students?

A. We think about the ‘big picture’ when partnering our tutors and students. We first consider students’ individual goals and any special needs, then match pairs based on tutors’ experience, specialty areas, and personality styles. If there’s ever a reason that the match isn’t a good fit, we will always find another tutor to work with the student.


Q. What services do you provided?

A. We offer assistance for a full range of academic subjects, encompassing virtually every regular, honors/PreAP, and AP level courses. In addition to helping students study for tests and quizzes, we also assist with homework, projects and assignments, and organization/study skills.

We also offer academic services for current undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, we have deep knowledge of all standardized tests, including the PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, GRE--and beyond.

We provide beginning-to-end college and graduate school admission consulting services, including coaching for:

  • Personal statements

  • Essay supplements

  • Optional essays

  • Diversity statements

  • Addenda

  • Resumes

  • Transcript follow-up

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Extracurricular advice

  • Admissions interview prep

  • College and grad school fairs

  • Communications with admissions officers

Q. What is your company policy on communication with parents and students?


A. We have an open-door policy when it comes to communications. Each of our tutors provides personal cell phone and email contact information, which parents and students can both use to connect with our team. We believe in joint communications to keep tutors, parents, and students alike on the same page at all times.


Q. What is your office space like?


A. Our office space has a large classroom set up for small to large group sessions as well as a private office for one-on-one sessions. We also consult with parents in the office on topics ranging from course planning to the college selection process. In addition, we have a recreation area where students can unwind before or after their sessions. Of course, a fully-stocked pantry was part-and-parcel to the design of the office, as well as a computer lab area that anyone waiting can utilize, whether for casual browsing or for homework purposes. Come and See!

Q. How do you ensure successful outcomes for your students?


A. When we work with students one-on-one, we’re able to tailor each session to their individual needs. We recognize that every student has a different learning style and different future goals. We readily adapt to each student’s abilities and aspirations, and can be as “hands-on” or “hands-off” as needed to help students achieve what they’re looking for. Our tutors get to know students well over the course of time, and the relationships that develop are critical to helping us accurately gauge and assess how to best serve every student with a custom plan. In addition, our company’s emphasis on small classroom settings and small group sessions gives each student the opportunity to shape the classroom learning experience. Finally, as noted, we are 100% available for our students in virtually every time zone, at any hour. We recognize that students must balance academics with competing priorities, and we are committed to helping students manage that balance successfully.

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