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Academic Tutoring


Lower/Middle School

It is important for students acquire a solid foundation early on during their developmental stages of learning. For this reason, our company pairs up students from 1st grade through 8th grade with tutors who have specialized in working with lower and middle schoolers. Areas we focus on include (but not limited to):

  • Reading Comprehension

  • History and English

  • Foreign Language

  • Math

  • Study Skills and Organizational Skills

  • General Homework Assistance

Academic - LMS

High School

With our well-trained staff of tutors who combined cover the whole gamut of high school courses, we offer assistance in every academic area imaginable (all levels, including regular, PreAP/Honors, and AP/IB):

  • Algebra I/II

  • Geometry

  • PreCalculus

  • Calculus and Statistics

  • Computer Science

  • Government and Economics

  • English (Writing and Reading)

  • History (World and US)

  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics

  • Environmental Science

  • Foreign Language (Spanish, French, Latin)

  • Study Skills and Organizational Skills

  • Course Planning

Academic - HS


The fun doesn't stop in high school, does it? So we don't either. Given our commitment to guide our students at any stage of their educational career, we also offer our services to those who have entered college and need an extra boost. Our services are provided year round, during the academic semesters as well as the summer. Whether simply to help you understand the material better, provide general homework assistance, or raise academic performance to the next level, we are there for our students. Though as a company we do not limit the scope of our reach, the most common college-level courses we have provided assistance for include:

  • Calculus I-IV, including Differential Calculus

  • Chemistry (General, Organic, Physical and beyond)

  • Physics (Trig-based and Calculus based)

  • Biology and Biochemistry

  • Psychology and Sociology

  • Statistics and Probability

  • Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, Greek/Latin)

  • English (Reading & Writing) and History

  • General Study Habits, Calendaring, and Organization

  • Career Planning and Services (Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview Prep)

  • Grad School Planning and Services (Admissions Counseling, Applications Filling Strategy)

Academic - College
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