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Sri really helped me prepare for my SAT in which my scores went up dramatically after several sessions with him. He is also a great one on one tutor! I also highly recommend his assistants.

 Memorial High School Graduate

Sri is awesome!! He is so helpful because he meets you at the level you are on and helps you from there. He is sure to cover every bit of material even that of which you didn't even know you were missing. This has helped me learn more than I thought possible and to reach goals set throughout my whole high school career. He is also very considerate of scheduling!

 Kinkaid High School Student

Sri really helped me learn study skills, test taking tips and he prepared me for my ACT. The highest score I ever got was on the test I took after I got help from Sri. Before that I was not making the score I wanted. He helped me get there with all the tips and tricks he teaches you! Sri and his staff are all wonderful people who work with you to fit your schedule and accomadate your needs. They are willing to work early in the morning to late at night if need be. S.R.I. Academic Services really gave me the help I needed to succeed.

 St. Pius HIgh School Student

When taking University Physics (calculus-based), I was able to understand the material much better. I was able to work on some material at home and then bring questions when meeting with Sri.

 Michael Ladd, Creighton University

Sri is absolutely the best tutor I have ever had. He has an extensive knowledge of various subject matters and knows how to explain material in a way that's easily understood. He is flexible with scheduling, and adapts his teaching methods in whatever ways necessary for students' comprehension. Not only is he a great tutor, he is also a wonderful person who will do whatever it takes to help his students succeed! Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend him!

 Kendall Taylor, Kinkaid High School

It is hard to find a good tutor. Someone who knows the material cold and is enjoyable to spend time with. Any student that has the chance to work with Sri is very lucky to have found this valuable resource. You WILL have the upper hand in the classroom and on your exams. I have worked with Sri for over 9 years and he has over-prepared me for everything that I have taken on - countless tests, projects, and standardized exams. Before I worked with Sri, I was a B student at best. I first started working with Sri when I began to have difficulty in the advanced placement courses at a highly competitive college prep high school. He was able to break down the complicated material taught in class in a way that I could grasp and eventually master. After a semester of working with Sri, I had all A's on my report card and when I applied to college as a junior, I was able to get into all of the colleges that I applied to.


Sri helped me again after college when I studied for the GMAT. I do not consider myself to be good at standardized exams. On my first round of practice tests I did terrible. After working with Sri, I was able to score in the top 10% of test takers in the country and was admitted to a top-graduate business school. Sri has been a MAJOR factor in helping me achieve my academic goals. I am confident that anyone that works with Sri will be highly impressed with his services and will be able to achieve their goals as well.


Sri possesses a rare balance of personal skills and knowledge that is almost impossible to find in an academic. You WILL enjoy the time you spend with Sri. Sri has become a good friend of mine and is someone that I can call for advice any time of the day. If you are thinking about getting a tutor, don't waste anymore time looking. This is the guy.

 John Duncan, U.T. McCombs School of Business

Sri was an excellent college counselor. He is willing to do anything to maximize his students' chances of admission. With a busy senior year schedule, it was difficult for me to find time for college essays. Sri understands this which is why his hours are flexible. He'll meet with you at any time of day, even at 3 AM! Moreover, Sri has been a tutor for several years and knows the intricate minutiae involved with applying to college. He helped me get into my dream school and I'm sure he can do the same for you!


 The Village School Graduate

Sri really helped my ACT score improve. His strategies and content knowledge is great and I suggest anyone wanting any type of tutoring, not just ACT, to go to him. He has great knowledge about various subjects and areas.

 Mithil Sheth, Clements High School

I have worked with Sri for years since my Sophomore year of Kinkaid High School. Not only are his services professional, orderly, and precise in addressing the issues at hand when learning the material. Sri does it with excellence and passion completely dedicates his work to the lives and performance and education of his students. In a critical period of my physical health in High School, Sri helped me academically and spiritually find my love for learning. He inspired me to push myself deeper to learn the material, but most importantly he gave me the resources to do so. I can't be happier to have someone such as Sri in my life. Even now as a college Sophomore at Davidson, Sri and I still keep in contact. Often I reach out to him for academic advice and career path planning. He really has inspired me to pursue academics in a new light. For all of which I am thankful. Through my relationship with Sri, I am thankful for my formation as a student, and for my formation as a human being.

 Stephen Sorrell, Davidson College

Sri has been an absolute blessing over the course of my education. Sri does an excellent job at breaking down any type of material in a way that is easily understandable. Without Sri, I wouldn't have gotten the grade I wanted on my ACT, as well as the grades I wanted in school. Thank you Sri for helping me reach my potential!

 Memorial High School Student

Sri is an excellent and understanding teacher that helped me get through my classes in for three years of high school, mainly math and science, allowing me to gain acceptance to Texas A&M Engineering

 Aaron Sharma, Memorial High School

As far as tutors go, Sri is the best tutor I have ever had. Sri is a very effective and he also cares about each of his students deeply. In my sessions with Sri, he showed supreme focus to my goals and he truly respected my time. He is very straight forward with the work necessary to achieve your goals. He does not mince words and I truly loved that about him. He is very prompt with responding to texts. Personally the most valuable aspect of my time with Sri was his patience. Sri makes you believe in yourself when you do not. He pushes you to do more when he knows you can, even if you do not believe you can. I recommend Sri to anyone who needs help in their test prep and tutoring needs.

 Carnegie Vanguard High School Student

Sri is by far the best tutor in the business. He knows more than every teacher I have had. He knows mostly all of the teachers in each subject and wastes no time getting familiar with the material that is being gone over in that class. He comes knowing previous questions on previous quizzes and tests and gets the student very well prepared for any subject. Sri has helped so many students get through high school and the toughest subjects at those high schools. He knows tricks and methods that are not taught by the teachers, and knows every single type of problem in any given subject.

 Memorial High School Graduate

Sri is incredibly helpful with SAT preparations, but also is a great friend to all of his students! He always made sure I stayed on top of my studying, was really able to narrow down what I had to work on to improve my scores, and was very patient. Going to Sri was not only extremely helpful, but he made you feel at home with his always-stocked-up fridge full of nutritious snacks and the occasional ping pong study break. Aside from that, Sri also advised me on my college applications and made me feel very prepared and stress-free through the whole process. I still go back to him for help, and I know that he will always be happy to help!

 Camila Zaldivar, St. Agnes Academy

Sri is really cool and a good guy and is fully committed to helping his clients. He was able to help me out all the time and was all in, especially when it came to finding the right colleges. I couldn't have done it without him.

 John Goode, St. John XXIII High School

Sri worked patiently with me to help me raise my SAT scores by nearly 400 points. Following the SAT, my grades in school improved as the result of the test taking skills that I learned from his program. In addition to being an excellent tutor he is also very patient, understanding, and easy to talk to, making each session both productive and enjoyable.

 Memorial High School Graduate

Sri is arguably the best tutor this side of the Mississippi. He is the lady's man of the greater Houston, TX area. Sri also taught me how to play ping pong real well. I respect and look up to Sri because he's more than just a tutor, he's my friend.

 Andres Contreras, Strake Jesuit High School

Working with Sri was amazing in high school. I first heard of Sri at the beginning of junior year because he was helping some of my really good friends with the ACT. All of them had been working all summer with him and were so prepared to take one of the first ACT's. After hearing all of the good feedback I decided to get his number and set a time to meet. I walked into his office and he gave me a very warm welcome and we started to discuss things. Within the week we had started our ACT prep. Sri is a very thorough educator. He makes sure to hit every tiny thing when it comes to ACT preparation. All of the prep really did help me because I got my highest score on my second try. All of his techniques for standardized testing will stick with me throughout my school years. After ACT was over I did not go to him as often but whenever I needed help on homework or studying for a test or final exams he was always there and would get me in as soon as he could, even if it was 11 at night or 6 in the morning. He is a phenomenal educator and I recommend him to everyone. He is one of the reasons I got into my top school and is one of the reasons why I am where I am today. Thanks again Sri!

 Sarah Kate Cone, Kinkaid High School

Sri has been the best tutor and mentor! I have been working with Sri since my junior year of high school. We started studying for my SAT and he helped me bring up my scores by a lot. He also helped me with my Transcripts for college, helped me narrow down what school was the best for the way I work. Which in the long run was very helpful because the school I ended up attending has been the perfect one for me. It is now my senior year at college and I would have never been able to get through without Sri's help! I am very thankful for all the help he has given me! If you are looking for someone to push you and help you not only better your grades but better your work habits, Sri is the man. BEST TUTOR EVER!

 Monica Alonso, The Village School

In the short time I had with Sri, his technique and tutoring dramatically helped me improve my scores! He worked from the bottom up, and truly helped me master the material so much that one of my ACT sections went up 6 points and was almost a perfect score. He was extremely flexible with my schedule and truly cared about me and my progress. I would definitely recommend him to anyone for any subject, and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to work with him and also have fun!

 Kinkaid School student

Sri was a vital part of getting me through my calculus class. He is a great tutor and I would refer him to anyone for his help! He is extremely experienced and advanced in an extreme range of areas and it is clear that he really wants to help his students. He was always flexible and would work around my "busy" high school schedule so that I was able to get all the help I needed. I do not think I would have made it through the class and received a good score on my AP exam at the end of the year if it weren't for the work I did with Sri. He is extremely personable and fun to work with and made our sessions as engaging as calc can get.

 Sophie Gaylor, Kinkaid High School

I've worked with Sri on everything from high school courses to preparing for the MCAT. Sri makes complicated and difficult material easy to grasp. He challenges his students to work through complex problems in order to prove a mastery of whatever subject they are working on. Sri has helped me achieve academic success and has been one of my main sources of academic support while I've been studying at Columbia University. My siblings have also worked extensively with Sri, and all of us would highly recommend him. Through working with Sri, I have been able to excel academically as well as feel that I am truly learning the material at hand. Sri is a fantastic tutor and educator.

 Brynn Harris, Columbia University

I went to Sri for ACT prep and it definitely helped me out a lot. My scores upped a lot from start to finish and I could not have done it without him. He pushed me very hard to help me get where I wanted to be. At times when I felt like giving up, he never let me quit. Besides his excellent tutoring, Sri is great at managing his students. He never failed to schedule follow-up meetings with me and always made sure they would fit my needs and my personal schedule. My family is a huge fan of him and his work. Sri is more than worth it and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a tutor or college counselor.

 Sofia Antillon, Memorial High School

SRI IS THE BEST!! I tutored with him for Physics, Pre-Calculus, and the ACT my junior year, and I'm serious when I saw I could not have done it without him. Not only is he an excellent teacher, but also makes real connections with his students, making it fun at the same time. He always somehow explains things in a way students can understand, rather than just throwing information at you and expecting you to memorize it, and if you don't understand something he will make absolutely sure that you do before you leave his office. There were times when I got so frustrated with concepts I couldn't grasp, but he never let me give up and always helped me figure it out in the end. I took his 20-session ACT class and got the score I wanted on my first try! I recommend Sri to EVERYONE taking the ACT because taking it only once is truly a blessing (which you know if you've ever taken it/prepared for it) and he can help you get the results you want. Going to his office never really feels like work to me because we always have fun too (and he has good snacks there!). Sri was truly a blessing during my junior year and I'm so grateful I got to work with him. I recommend him to anyone reading this, you won't regret it!

 Olivia Hart, Kinkaid High School

Sri has tutored me for various standardized tests, including the PSAT, SAT, ACT, several SAT II’s, and several AP’s. Having been tutored by Sri for so long, I have had the pleasure of getting to know him very well. He not only pushes you to bring out your best on standardized tests, he also makes the practice sessions fun. I’ve even gone to Sri’s office during my down time to play ping pong and darts with Sri while talking about school and my college plans. The jumps I was able to make as a result of Sri’s tutoring are clear when I look back at the upward trend of my scores. I’m looking forward to continuing studying with Sri for future standardized tests over the next two years! While Sri might seem demanding, the results speak for themselves. I highly recommend Sri to other students.

 Hayden Rome, Kinkaid High School

I came to Sri with a very low ACT score but he helped me improve my score tremendously with one-on-one attention and study methods that really worked for me. He helped me learn how to correctly take the test with confidence and efficiency. Sri's program really helped me excel.

 Chase Martin, Memorial High School

I've been a student of SRI since the summer of my freshman year. All throughout high school SRI has always made time for me and has a great method of teaching. Love going to his tutoring sessions! He makes learning fun!

 Daniella Sanchez, Memorial High School

Sri's academic services helped me a lot through junior and senior year of high school. I worked with both Sri and the tutors in Sri's Academic service for everything from ACT Preparation to studying for my AP tests to college application essays. Sri knows how to teach specifically to each test - I always saw concepts and ideas he taught me directly on my AP tests or on the ACT. I also felt more confident applying to top colleges knowing my essays had been thoroughly reviewed and perfected. I highly recommend his services!

 Arjun Reddy, Kinkaid High School

I have worked with Sri for all of my high school career. Within those years, I have come to know him very well. On top of being a genius, he is very personable and knows the best way to teach each individual student. I am in college and I still ask him for help on certain assignments. He has tutored all of my other siblings and we all love him. He is one of my family's and my close friends.

 James Hickey, Memorial High School

Sri is a great teacher and an awesome guy. He always knew all the material I came in for and taught it really well. He made learning fun and helped me maintain a high GPA throughout high school. Attending his lectures before tests always bumped up my grade. Sri is very personable and has been a friend to my family since my brother started with him. Can't recommend this guy enough.

 Travis Read, Memorial High School

Sri helped me work on my weaknesses and helped me conquer my fear of standardized testing. He worked with me diligently to help me achieve the scores I wanted from my AP tests right down to my ACT. Sri also helped me compose my essays for college that came out flawless. Sri helped me achieve my goals!!

 James E. Taylor High School student

Sri is without a doubt the best tutor that I've ever had and one of the best people that I've ever met. Sri has helped me with many math and sciences classes throughout high school, prepared me extremely well for the SAT, SAT II subject exams and AP exams, and ultimately guided me throughout the college admissions process, helping me gain admission to my dream school: Columbia University. Sri has helped me develop very strong study skills and has taught me to love learning. Also, the other tutors affiliated with S.R.I. Academic Services are extremely well qualified and can provide a similar level of help. Whether you need help with a specific class, help preparing for a test, or need someone to help you navigate the college admissions process, I would strongly recommend Sri and S.R.I. Academic Services.

 Grant Carmain, Kinkaid High School

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